Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Last Pre-Convention Day - Bishop "Trivial Pursuit," SC Bishops' Public Ed and More!

GC Recap June 24, 2015

Susan Heath and her fellow Fellows

Today at 12:15 Mountain Time, The Reverend Susan Heath participated in a panel with her fellow Mark IV and Mark V Fellows. Susan's work as the coordinator of the SC Bishops' Public Education Initiative is funded in part by a Mark IV Fellowship. (read about the Five Marks of Mission here). 

Mark Stevenson, Domestic Poverty Missioner of the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society is in charge of Justice and Advocacy Scholarahips for Poverty Alleviation and Environmental Stewardship (Mark IV and Mark V). The Rev. Canon Stevenson interviewed the fellows. All of the ministries, both on environmentally and poverty-based issues, connected in synchronistic ways
throughout the panel. Susan was able to relate the nature-focused education
initiative of one fellow with the Environmental program at our own Gravatt Camp and Conference Center. Students at Camp AIR (Adventures in Reading) earlier this month were able to participate in the environmental program at Gravatt. Camp AIR was co-sponsored by Camp Gravatt and the SC Bishops' Public Education Initiative. Students not reading at grade level were able to learn and get up to speed in a fun camp setting. The importance of being in nature was an important part of this experience. Click here to see video of Susan on the panel.

So How Big is General Convention Anyway?

Never been to General Convention? Ever wondered what it's like? Take a look at this joint session of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies where the nominees for Presiding Bishop were presented this afternoon. It's a big group ofpeople (some report that 4,500 people are registered for at least one day during the Convention) and visitors and media were allowed, making it even bigger. You've probably seen Mick Jagger more closely at some point in your life than you would've seen these nominees from the floor today!

PB Nominees play "Trivial Pursuit"
PB Nominees played “Trivial Pursuit” on very non-trivial issues in front of a joint session of the House of Bishops and House of Deputies. Part of the presentation of the nominees for PB was a round of questions from the bishops and the deputations. The nominees were advised of the categories before the session, but not the questions, which were collected beforehand. They were asked to draw from color categories for each other. The Categories ranged from governance to theological education. Unlike Trivial Pursuit, there were no right or wrong answers. What was in the bishops' hearts was what mattered. Bishop Michael Curry of the Diocese of North Carolina (our closest neighbor, pictured left on the big screen, and familiar to many of you) had one of his usual fun and to-the-point answers to a reconciliation question: "When God said, 'All Ye,' he meant Ya'll and that means All!"

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