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What a Weekend at #GC78!

GC Recap June 27, 2015

The Rt. Rev. Michael Bruce Curry, Bishop of North Carolina, Elected as the 27th Presiding Bishop
Bishop Curry of NC was elected as the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Saturday by an overwhelming majority in the House of Bishops. He is the first Presiding Bishop to be elected by one ballot in the House of Bishops. The House of Deputies voted to skip lunch to await Committee 19's confirmation of the bishops' election. The House of Deputies then voted - 800 For, 12 Against. Again, the people chose to forgo lunch until their new PB Elect arrived with his family to be welcomed by the House of Deputies. There was clapping and singing, and there were tears of joy. Arriving at the podium to speak to his willingness to serve, Bishop Curry promised no sermons right that minute because he knew all were hungry. He expressed the great honor he feels to be called. As he left the House of Deputies, the people spontaneously broke into singing the Doxology. 

A PB, Bishop Curry will identify himself as a follower of Jesus Christ and the dual CEO of The Episcopal Church - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Evangelical Officer. Although he is the first African American Presiding Bishop Elect of The Episcopal Church, The Rt. Rev. Michael Curry is a unifier of ALL people. He preaches that ALL LIVES MATTER.
Bishop Curry at a Press Conference in Salt Lake City Following His Election as the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church Saturday
Our Bishops- PB Elect and Diocesan
A link to national Episcopal news stories on the election

Link to local coverage on Fox 13, Salt Lake City

Sunday, June 28

ECW Triennial 5k Run Benefits Homeless Youth Resource Center in Salt
Lake City and EDUSC Takes Second Place - Twice! - 6:30 am MDT
The Rev. Fleischer (L), Meredith Blocker (R)

Meredith Blocker of St. John's, Columbia and Diocesan ECW Board Secretary, as well as The Rev. Scott Fleischer, Assistant Priest at St. John's, Columbia, participated in the race. The Rev. Fleischer won men's second place and Meredith won second place in the women's competition. Congratulations to Scott and Meredith. Many thanks to all who participated to help the homeless in Salt Lake City. As we spend time in comfort here in Salt Lake City, we are confronted with the homeless on every corner. Please keep this large population of people in Salt Lake City in your prayers.

Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence - 7:15 am MDT
Sponsored by Bishops United Against Gun Violence, news sources estimate that 1,500 people and more than 60 bishops participated in a Bishops March Against Gun Violence this morning. Singing prayerfully, all marched to the park in downtown Salt Lake City where we gathered to hear speakers. This video produced by Katie Forsyth of the Diocese of Eastern Michigan captures the spirit of the march and will give you a feel for our Presiding Bishop Elect's powerful preaching.
(3 minutes long)

Canon d'Rue Hazel, The Reverend Susan Heath, The Rev. Grant Wiseman
and The Rev. Alan Leonard Gathered to Walk
For a longer (14 minute) video on the March featuring Bishop Hayashi of Utah, a victim of gun violence himself, and Caroline Tuft, a resident of Salt Lake City whose life was literally blown apart by gun violence, please watch https://youtu.be/xr6gFyDaz8Y. This video was produced by the Diocese of Utah. Many thanks to the wonderful team in Salt Lake City.
Bishops Marching in Salt Lake City
Heading Down the Streets of Salt Lake City
Our Charleston Friends at the March. They Designed Beautiful T-Shirts for the Day. You May Have Seen the Image on Facebook this week. It is a Palmetto Tree Transforming
Into Nine Rising Doves
Bishop Waldo Just Before the March
Province IV Raises Most Money for UTO
Sunday's Convention Eucharist included the United Thank Offering Ingathering. We are happy to announce that Province IV raised the most money in the past three years, $882,000. We are the largest Province in The Episcopal Church. Within Province IV, EDUSC raised the most money. Let's keep it up. UTO grants provide much needed aid of all kinds across the globe.

Regina Ratterree Receives ECW Triennial Most Distinguished Woman 

Every three years, the ECW of each diocese nominates a woman of distinction in the Church. This Triennial, our ECW voted Regina Ratterree of All Saints', Cayce our Most Distinguished Woman in the Church. Bishop Waldo escorted Regina to a luncheon honoring the distinguished woman, as is the tradition. We are so proud of you, Regina, and so grateful for your service. Keep up the good work!

Regina is serving as an alternate deputy to the 78th General Convention. Her biography and some of the boundless work she has done in the Church can be found on the "Meet Your Deputation" post of this blog.
Diocesan ECW Board Members Preparing to Attend the Most Distinguished Woman Luncheon June 28tth. Pictured left to right are Kathy Siegel, Regina Ratterree, Andrew Waldo, Whitney Evans, Delores Goodwin and Meredith Blocker
Cai Armstrong Named National Church Periodical Club President
 Cai Armstrong addressing
ECW June 29th as CPC President
Cai Armstrong of St. Simon and St. Jude, Irmo, has been named national president of the Church Periodical Club. Cai has extensive experience with CPC, which is an independent, affiliated organization of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, dedicated to the worldwide Ministry of the Printed Word and to the Promotion of Christian Mission. It is the only organization in the Episcopal Church dedicated solely to providing free literature and related materials, both religious and secular, to people all over the world who need and request them and who have no other source for obtaining them. Prayer Books, books for seminarians, educational materials, medical textbooks, agricultural manuals and books for those in local and global mission are some of the publications The Church Periodical Club supplies. 

EDUSC Celebrates - 6:30 pm MDT
Bishop Waldo Begins Dinner with a Prayer
Sunday evening, our deputation, staff, ECW Board Members and Kayla Massey celebrated our work together over a joyous meal. With many long days and much work yet to be done at General Convention, a time of fellowship and community was served a as needed break. Bishop Waldo expressed his gratitude to be the bishop of a diocese with so many dedicated people. Among the attendees were Regina Ratterree (Most Distinguished Woman) from EDUSC for the ECW Triennial); Cai Armstrong (National Church Periodical Club President); Kayla Massey (first-ever UTO/YASC Intern); The Rev. Canon d'Rue Hazel (Facilitator for Province IV Transition Ministry); Whitney Evans (youngest diocesan ECW President) and Angela Daniel (Province IV President). We are a group of leaders who love to serve the Church. Please keep all in your prayers.

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